The world’s best project management course on medical devices?

Maybe you’re not allowed to claim that the course is the best in the world, so let’s not do that. But for sure, our course in project management for product development of medical devices is unique and very well appreciated with an average score of 4.9/5. But that is not enough for us. Therefore, the course is continually updated based on your feedback. It will continue to evolve every time the course is held, much because of the valuable feedback from the course participants.

Some updates this time are:
– Improved colours for printing of hand-out slides
– Improved lay-out of several slides, using more graphic slides and fewer text-based slides
– Timing of workshops have been updated to better match the challenge
– Character description created for first workshop to get you acquainted with the characters in the workshops and keep track of them

Enjoy the next course starting Tuesday 30th October at MedicoIndustrien in NivÄ.