Interested but need management approval

Are you interested but have challenges getting the management’s approval? Then you may want to continue reading for my tips on how to convince your boss to grant a request to attend a course.

Play your boss’s interests:
Do you have projects that are behind schedule or have cost-overruns? The course will help you avoid those problems and increase the overall efficiency in medical device product development projects.

Proactively plan for time away:
When you talk to your boss, come prepared with a plan for how your projects and responsibilities will be managed for the days you are away.

Look at things differently:
Attending a course will give you new perspectives on how to manage your projects and allow you to think of things you normally don’t have the time to. Think of it like a four-day shower (except without the pruney skin) – you will have some of your best ideas and learning moments when you are not obsessing over the problems at hand.

We have also created an editable letter that you can download here.

Let me know as it goes. Leave me a message via Looking forward to reading from you.