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Impressions from Medtech Investment Day

On Wednesday, I was booked for two practice sessions for my pitch. The idea is that you should present the company in 4 minutes. Four minutes is an incredibly short time! Apparently I did something right, because on Thursday Vivoline Medical AB won the contest MedTech Investment Day Award.

But it was of course not just Vivoline that presented, but a wide range of medical device start-ups. It’s amazing to see how many companies that are being started up. Some fun/interesting companies from the seminar are:

1. AddBIO who adds a substance to the surface of titanium implants that allows the surrounding bone to grow strong, which means that fewer screws/implants loosen or even make them possible to be used at all when the bones are weak. In a way, a very simple product that can save both money and prevent suffering, but I do not envy AddBIO’s regulatory situation, where their drug is applied to someone else’s implant. Tricky!

2. Modz has found a solution to the problem that children and teenagers find it embarrassing to take their blood glucose measurements. Therefore, Modz has developed an analytical equipment which is colourful and more fun than the traditional instruments, and has features that let parents know how the measurements that their children should do, go. It is not often that a medical device is differentiated by design or features in this way. Exciting.

Moreover, several of the products that were presented contained techniques that were mobile or Internet-based. iDoc24 allows you to anonymously send pictures of skin rashes, which are then diagnosed by a physician, and EpiQ Life Science aims to provide diagnosis for atrial fibrillation over the net.

It is encouraging that so many exciting new companies exist. Let’s hope that they get funding to realise their ideas.

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