About Us

We offer high quality in-house training and e-learning courses on project management and risk management in medical device product development. We will help you to master both management aspects and regulatory requirements, increasing efficiency and satisfaction within your organisation.

Get a head start by using our medical device templates to create your documents, or simply use them as a benchmark for your own. Lots of useful information – free!

We cherish our personal contacts with our customers and enjoy providing maximum added value to help our customers’ businesses thrive.

As a company, Gantus focuses on product development of medical devices and related areas such as project management, design control, quality management, and risk management.

Gantus was founded in 2008 by Peter Sebelius, and consists of a small team with a great deal of experience. We are based in Sweden, and our home market alone is never big enough to support a medical device product. This is why we always work with European, US, and other major international markets.

Our vision is to be the first choice resource for product development in the medical device industry. We have taken the initial step towards that vision by providing free templates and online courses, and we will continue to add valuable new resources to our website on a regular basis.

We are involved with international standardization work so that we can be on the cutting edge with our training courses and consultancy work – and so that we can always provide you with the up-to-date information you need.