Project management for product development of medical devices (4 days)

The world’s best project management course on medical devices?

Maybe you’re not allowed to claim that the course is the best in the world, so let’s not do that. But for sure, our course in project management for product development of medical devices is unique and very well appreciated with an average score of 4.9/5. But that is not enough for us. Therefore, the course is continually updated based on your feedback. It will continue to evolve every time the course is held, much because of the valuable feedback from the course participants.

Some updates this time are:
– Improved colours for printing of hand-out slides
– Improved lay-out of several slides, using more graphic slides and fewer text-based slides
– Timing of workshops have been updated to better match the challenge
– Character description created for first workshop to get you acquainted with the characters in the workshops and keep track of them

Enjoy the next course starting Tuesday 30th October at MedicoIndustrien in Nivå.

Usability engineering and IEC 62366 – last day on JWG

The five day meeting on the second edition of the IEC 62366 standard is nearing its end. It has been a long week; interesting but long. I am of the general opinion that meetings usually never have to be more than 60 minutes. At least not when there are 14 people in the room. We are now close to 40 hours of meetings.

The meeting has been held in Treviso with 14 participants. A quick guesstimate puts the average number of employees in the companies that were represented at the meeting at 9000 per company. Also FDA were represented and very active at the meeting.

There has been a lot of good discussions and updates to the existing standard. Personally, I have argued for simplicity. Even though the representatives from the larger corporations also make remarks about simplicity, I think it is important to have an SME perspective on the development of standards. Most of the people at this meeting come from departments that have more specialist employees in that single department on for example Usability, than what some start-ups the total number of employees in some start-ups. The standard has to work for both sizes of companies.

The CD version and the result of the work will be released for review shortly.


Good mix on 2012 November course – seats still available

On November 12th, the next course on Project management for product development and medical devices runs at Örenäs, Skåne, Sweden. We have an exciting mix of participants once again, with some really experienced project managers coming from other industries as well as less senior PMs that are familiar with medical devices as well as IVDs. We still have some seats on this course. Do you want to learn from all the experience in the group and be successful in managing your project, register on the registration page.