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Get access to my best product development and quality assurance tips and tricks

You’ll receive practical tips and advice from me, Peter Sebelius, on how best to approach medical device product development, risk management and quality assurance – and probably some hints on improving your running form too!

What others say about us

I was really happy with the course – I thought that it was a great learning experience. The presenter was very motivational and inspiring and he made the topic really interesting. In particular I found the check points to be very useful. I feel much more confident in the subject now and would definitely recommend this course to a colleague.

Thanks very much – this was one of the best courses I have been on in a long time. I enjoyed it a lot. The presenter was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic he had a good teaching style and answered questions well. The course gave me the perfect overview and was motivational and inspiring. It left me feeling much more confident and that I can do my job more effectively. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

Peter managed to keep the attention and interest of all the participants of the course for two full days. Even though the subject is quite complex and was new to most of the participants, they all seemed to be able to grasp the concept. Coming from pharma and now moving into Medical Device, this was quite an enlightening course. I give Peter my best recommendations.

I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues. The presenter was very enthusiastic, had a lot of energy and had a great teaching style. The course had a nice format, was delivered with good speed and was very useful.

Excellent course, which gave me competence to execute, plus inspiration and motivation to start the risk management process. Tight in a small group brought everybody onboard. Highly recommended.

The course had a good theory/practise ratio, which served its goal perfectly. It turned me from a complete newbie into someone who can perform the risk analysis of a simple medical device.

Regulatory requirements, design control, risk management – few instructors can make these topics exciting to someone from R&D. Peter can. He has lots of first-hand experience from the medical device industry and he knows standards in and out. Plus he keeps you alert with random quizzing, short and frequent review sessions and workshops. The 4-day course was professionally a very enriching experience. I left with a great overview, useful detailed tips and templates for documents in medical device development. And with an understanding that standards are there to help you do things right.

The project management course by Peter Sebelius is the best course I have attended in a long time. Among many things, it offered me a great learning experience. The instructor gave his presentations with vibrant enthusiasm and exuded such positive energy. He didn’t make the course boring with too many rules, but rather used a practical approach. His style of teaching is superb. This course is even more interesting because it was interactive and participants had the opportunity to give and get feedbacks. There were continuous evaluations all through the course as well as checkpoints to help one’s memory and this I particularly liked. With no doubt, the instructor knows what he is doing as he demonstrated excellent knowledge of the subject.

Peter Sebelius is a very enthusiastic presenter with excellent style of delivery. He made an otherwise congested topic very interesting and kept participants motivated throughout the duration of the course. The course will help improve our professional performance as well as the quality of our work.

Really informative and applicable, very well organised and implemented. A lot of lessons learned for me, that I will definitely share with colleagues in my next assignment.
The practical exercises were useful and helped to enrich the discussions in a very positive way.

This was by far the most valuable course for my professional role that I have ever participated in. Super useful on several levels, highly recommendable!

The sheer amount of dedication to the field shines through the enthusiastic and competent delivery that can be received by the inexperienced such as myself and seasoned veterans alike.
Everyone I have talked to walks away with both new tools, techniques and approaches, but also an understanding of the essential forces that drive the development process.
5 out of 5 stars from me.

An extremely interesting course with lots of useful content that I will be able to use in my everyday work. I particularly liked the continuous evaluation aspect.

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Professional training can help you master the legal or project management aspects of medical devices, increasing efficiency and satisfaction within your business.

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